How to Reach Abruzzo

The nearest international airports are situated in Rome, Ancona and Rimini. There is also a small international airport (Abruzzo International Airport) in Pescara. The Abruzzo International Airport is served by low cost airlines with low fare flights from and to London, Barcelona and Frankfurt. From the Fiumicino airport (Rome) a bus line «Prontobus» runs straight to Chieti and Pescara. You can view the schedule at A ticket costs 22 euro. The travel takes about 4 hours.

You can also reach Pescara by bus from the Tiburtina bus station in Rome. Bus timetables are available at  and

You can get to Pescara from Ancona or Rimini by train. Please, visit the site

There are 3 main highways that connect Abruzzo with the rest of Italy. A14 is a coastal road that runs from Bologna in the North, to Bari in the South, and passes through each of Abruzzo′s coastal provinces. A24 runs from Rome through to Teramo via L′Aquila. A25 connects Rome with Pescara.

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