LEGO-tourism in Abruzzo

Abruzzo, which is located between the highest peaks of Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, offers a wide scope of travel opportunities. Tourists can choose vacation activities within a wide range: alpine skiing tracks and sandy beaches, nature reserves and cities of arts, medieval castles and thermal resorts.

Traditionally, Abruzzo has been considered as a perfect place for a beach family vacation. Meanwhile, its main treasures are hidden high in the mountains. They are scattered like gems in highlands and valleys, hill-towns and mountain peaks. Although Abruzzo borders with the metropolitan region of Lazio, it is situated apart from mass tourist routes. It is a genuine Terra incognita, which is yet to be discovered.

What to Choose?

Being in Rome or Florence an experienced tourist, equipped with a detailed guidebook and a map of the city, can visit famous sights by means of public transport. In Abruzzo, even a veteran traveler will experience considerable difficulties.

Firstly, there are very few if any guidebooks. Abruzzo is not usually mentioned even in the most detailed Italian guides. But this very fact makes a trip to Abruzzo a really exciting adventure.

Secondly, the most beautiful sites are not concentrated in one accessible for tourists place but are situated at a relatively long distance from each other.

Thirdly, the public transport network is very scarcely developed, and its schedule is adapted to needs of local residents, namely school children. Therefore, a visit to a little town or a castle can take a whole day.

Fourthly, many noteworthy rural churches, such as the Church of San Pietro ad Oratorium, are normally closed and it is necessary to make an apointment with its supervisor.

Fifthly, the higher the mountain, the less likely to meet people who understand English.

What is the way out? We offer you a new mode of organizing your vacation, namely, LEGO-tourism in Abruzzo. Here are its simple basic principles:

1. We work with you online. You track your own itinerary, and we make your wishes come true. You’ll become a sort of pioneer in Abruzzo, and we work as your guides in this reserved land. In the Himalayas, a guide is called sherpa, and in Italy there is a beautiful word virgilio. In the «Divine Comedy» the ghost of the Roman poet Virgil accompanied Dante through the circles of Inferno. In modern Italy, the poet′s name has become a nominal one; even search engines are called virgilio.

2. Planning a trip starts with the fact that you construct your own unique tour from large and small modules.

I. Maxi- modules (from 7 to 14 days):

Vacation in a sea-resort: beach holiday, windsurfing, or mini-cruise.

Vacation in the mountains: alpine skiing, cross country skiing, trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding.

Vacation on lakes: beach holiday, trekking, cycling, horse riding.

Thermal baths and Spa programs.

Eco-tourism in national parks: trekking, cycling, horse riding.

Farm holidays.

Wine and gastronomic tours.

Pilgrim tours.

II. Mini-modules:

2-3 days tours in Italian cities of arts:

Rome - eternal city;

Tuscan and Umbrian cities of arts;

Mosaics of Ravenna.

Day trips in Abruzzo:

Renaissance cities of arts;

National parks;


Medieval castles;

Following traces of the Roman Empire;

Shrines of Abruzzo.

Shopping tours.

Real estate tours.

Examples of LEGO-tours

3. Next step: you select the type of accommodation within a wide range: from a tent in a nature reserve to a medieval castle in a city of arts.

4. Depending on your budget you can create a tour de luxe or a budget tour, but in any case it will be an exclusive tour. The main thing is that the LEGO-tourism will be perfectly tuned to your needs in an interesting and comfortable holiday on the one hand, and your financial capabilities on the other hand.

5. LEGO-tourism provides an opportunity to design a tour based on your personal situation: family vacation with children, active youth leisure, romantic or honeymoon holiday, corporate trip in the spirit of «team-building», quiet and comfortable stay for middle-aged people, extreme tourism.

6. LEGO-tourism allows not only to add modules, but subtract elements from them, i.e. to minimize costs.

How you can save:

1) You can fly to Rome by a regular flight, or you can use services of low-cost airlines;

2)  You can go from Rome to Abruzzo by a coach and save on individual transfers;

3) A group tour (starting from 6 people) is always cheaper than an individual one;

4) A holiday in the offseason is more quiet and economical, but no less interesting;

5) Early booking is always appreciated and rewarded.

7. Once you have designed your exclusive tour, we start booking hotels, arranging transfers and connections between maxi- and mini-modules.

8. Only after finalizing the whole tour you will pay for hotel accommodation by transferring funds from your credit card to a hotel bill. Payments for transfers, excursions, services of guides and interpreters, and other additional services are effected on the spot.

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