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The old town Montesilvano Colle is located on a ridge of a rather extensive and steep hill, while the new city Montesilvano Marina stretches along the coast all the way to Pescara. The old town has existed for more than a millennium and the new city – only for few decades. The beautiful name Montesilvano means «wooded mountain». This old name is still true today.

A maritime quarter (Marina) began flourishing when a railway from Bologna to Otranto was built in 1863 and a railway station was opened. Today, the station has lost its former importance since only regional trains stop here. In 2002, on the first floor of the station was opened the small Museum of train (Museo del Treno di Montesilvano), dedicated to the history of railway in the region.

Grand Hotels in Montesilvano

In 1960-1970, the city’s population increased rapidly because of internal migration, in fact, the vast majority of residents came from other regions of Italy. In 1951, the number of inhabitants made up only 7,300 people, and in 2009 - already 50,200. As a result, Montesilvano ranks fifth in Abruzzo in terms of population.

During 1963-1966, large modern hotels (Grandi albergi) were built on the coast, making the city a major tourist center. The entertainment complex Warner Brothers and the Palace of Congresses were built near the grand hotels. There is virtually no industry in Montesilvano, but it disposes a well-developed service sector, primarily trade. Montesilvano is an ideal place for a comfortable family vacation.

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