Thermal Resorts of Abruzzo

Thermal treatment has been widespread in Italy since ancient times. Recently, more and more popular becomes a formula of Benessere, which means physical and spiritual well-being. There are several thermal Spas and centers in Abruzzo: Caramanico Terme, Popoli, Raiano and Canistro Terme. The largest thermal resort is Caramanico Terme.

Caramanico Terme

The thermal resort of Caramanico is situated in the National Park of Maiella. The charming medieval town of Caramanico Terme is picturesquely situated at an altitude of 650 m above sea level. Thermal baths of Caramanico have been widely known since the late 17th century due to the therapeutic properties of hot springs. Mineral waters «La Salute» and «Gisella» have the highest sulfur content in Europe. Waters with high content of hydrogen sulfide, bromine and iodine are used to treat respiratory, rheumatic, gynecological, urological and dermatological diseases and metabolic disorders. Not far from the city is located the source of oligomineral water «Pisciarello», which is favorable for detoxification of the body and improvement of digestion. Thermal season begins in spring and ends in autumn.

Near the historical center of Caramanico Terme, there is situated the thermal hotel «Maiella», which offers three-and five-day thermal packages «remise en forme» (shape recovery) on a full board basis. The exclusive hotel «La Réserve» is located just above Caramanico Terme over the valley of the Orfente river. An ancient thermal treatment is combined here with latest developments of cosmetology. After thermal treatments you can walk around the historic center of Caramanico Terme, visit medieval churches of Santa Maria Assunta and San Nicola, the Museum of Italian fauna or go on a tour about the Maiella National Park and the Orfente Reserve.


The ancient town of Popoli is located between the two National Parks – «Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga» and «Maiella». The beauty of nature is combined with a charm of medieval city which hosts ancient churches, the palace of the 15th century Taverna Ducale and ruins of the ancient Cantelmo castle. An elegant and modern thermal complex is situated in a beautiful park and offers Benessere packages, including thermal procedures and mud treatment. The «Decontre» thermal water and muds are recommended for treatment of arthritic and otolaryngological diseases. The thermal season lasts all year round.

Canistro Terme

The popular thermal and relaxation center Canistro Terme is situated among beech and chestnut groves in the Roveto valley at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. Water spurting from two sources – «Santa Croce» and «Sponga», is filtered and cleaned in a natural way while passing through layers of limestone. These waters are used for treatment of diseases of gastrointestinal tract, metabolic and gynecological disorders.


The small and cozy resort of Raiano, located at the foot of the woody Sirente mountain, once again has been gaining popularity. Recent excavations discovered that the thermal water source «La Solfa» was used in the era of ancient Rome. In the «Terme Ovid», there are practiced mud and thermal baths, which are particularly effective for treatment of rhinogenous deafness.

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